Sussex Affiliated Coaches

Name Club Email Phone Qualifications
Ben Harris Acorns Copthorne Squash Club 07940586031
Dave Martell Acorns Copthorne Squash Club
Gareth Naidoo Acorns Copthorne Squash Club
Jack Martell Acorns Copthorne Squash Club
Joshua Attwell Acorns Copthorne Squash Club
Robert Howarth Acorns Copthorne Squash Club 07796 967652
Wayne Beglan Acorns Copthorne Squash Club 07702 136811
Zeb Young Acorns Copthorne Squash Club
Mike Yung-Hok Arun
Phillip Tapping Arun
Noah Meredith Brighton
Roxanna Keshavarz Brighton
Sam Foot Brighton 07585285154
Andrew Eade Burgess Hill
Kelly Eastment Chichester R and FC
Mike Phillips Chichester R and FC
Nurhasnah Jones Chichester R and FC
Jonathan Andvig Cooden 07513366900
Mark Elliott Cooden 07960332584
Simon Herbert Crawley Squash Club
Lee Wicks Crowborough 07879566007 Level 2
Michael Chester David Lloyd 07540439968
Michael Crouch David Lloyd +447739344671
Richard Briggs David Lloyd +447447923662
Sean Wright David Lloyd +447970930166
Chris Markham Dolphin 07974 655287
Toby Dawson Dolphin
Giles Cowdell Dunnings S and RC
Giles Cowdell Dunnings S and RC UKCC Level 3
Jake Sheeran Dunnings S and RC
Neil Cooper Dunnings S and RC
Zeb Young East Grinstead
Ahmet Ahmet Horsham
Rob Norman Horsham
Ben Hutton Hove Fitness & Squash
Ben Hutton Hove Fitness & Squash England Squash Level 3 Coach.
Tim Vail Hove Fitness & Squash
Ben Hansford Lewes
Bill Jeffries Lewes 07709213509 level 2
Finn Holiday Lewes 07341 332582 Level 2
Hugh Hennessy Holland Lewes 07824506631
Jacob Prosser Lewes
Stephen Holliday Lewes 07425 167712 Level 3
Ben Hansford Middleton
Joshua Attwell Middleton
Andy Major Midhurst 07811 269487
Will Stather Midhurst 07710592976
Jonny Jones Nutley Level 1
Richard Stevenson Storrington 07973633228
Kelly Eastment The West Worthing Club
Phil Brooker The West Worthing Club 07827444774
Finn Holiday Uckfield 07341 332582
Simon F Tunley University Squash UKCC Level 3
Kit welsh Virgin Active Brighton 07770773981
Milli Fawssett Virgin Active Brighton Level 2 licensed to coach
Ross Hargie Virgin Active Brighton 07833247508
Hugh Hennessy Holland Weald 07824506631