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29-Jul-2013 Juniors Summer Junior Squash Camp Summer Junior Squash Camp
22-Jun-2013 Juniors Brighton Junior Open 2013 Brighton Junior Open 2013
23-Jan-2013 Juniors U15 Girls Inter-County Results Stage 1 Report
12-May-2012 General Chichester Squash Open Entry Form
28-Apr-2012 Knock Out Cups British Open Pre-Qualifier British Open Pre-Qualifier
28-Apr-2012 England Squash K2 Pre-Qual - Mens Draw Mens Draw
28-Apr-2012 England Squash K2 Pre-Qual - Ladies draw
11-Apr-2012 Juniors GS Easter Super Squad
03-Apr-2012 Juniors Easter Junior Squash Camp Flier
27-Mar-2012 General Chichester National League Match March Report
23-Mar-2012 Ladies Ladies County Team Results 2011-12
22-Mar-2012 Ladies O40 Ladies County Results
17-Mar-2012 General One-day Coaching Clinic in Sussex Information
17-Mar-2012 General 1 Place left on GS Course!
13-Mar-2012 Admin Committee Minutes March 2012
10-Mar-2012 Juniors U15 Boys get to National Finals and take 2nd Place
03-Mar-2012 Admin London & SE Racketball Tournament Information
28-Feb-2012 Admin National league Result February
19-Feb-2012 County Teams Racketball County Team Result Report
29-Jan-2012 Juniors U13 Boys Inter-County Stage 2 Results & Report
29-Jan-2012 Juniors U13 Girsl Inter-County Stage 2 Results & Report
22-Jan-2012 County Teams 0'60s Sussex Team Runners Up Photo
22-Jan-2012 Juniors U15 Girls Inter-County Stage II Report
22-Jan-2012 Juniors U15 Boys Inter-County Stage II Results
21-Jan-2012 County Teams 060 Couny Final Results Report
16-Jan-2012 General National League Result
19-Dec-2011 Juniors Christmas Junior Squash Camp Information & Entry Form
06-Dec-2011 General Chichester National League Match December
26-Nov-2011 General West Worthing Open Doubles Tournament Poster
25-Nov-2011 19:00 Ladies Ladies Knock-out Cup 2011-12 Draw
12-Nov-2011 Ladies Ladies Inter-County Results Results
29-Oct-2011 General Chichester Racketball Open Application Form
28-Oct-2011 Juniors Sussex Juniors Excel at the Nationals! Sussex Juniors Excel at the Nationals!
25-Oct-2011 Leagues Chichester SC National League Match Report
09-Oct-2011 Juniors U19 Boys Inter-County Results Stage 1 Results
09-Oct-2011 Juniors U11/13 County Friendly Match Results/Report
09-Oct-2011 Juniors U15 Boys Inter-County Results Stage 1 Results
01-Oct-2011 County Closed Senior County Closed Event 2011 Entry Form
27-Sep-2011 Coaches Coach Bursary Form Form
24-Sep-2011 Juniors Junior County Closed 2011 Results
20-Sep-2011 Admin SSR Minutes Sept 2011 Minutes
17-Sep-2011 09:00 Juniors Junior Squash Trials Information
17-Sep-2011 County Teams U11/U13 County Squad Dates Squad Training Dates
09-Sep-2011 General Southdown Graded Tournament Details
14-Aug-2011 7.00pm Admin AGM 2011 Minutes
27-Jul-2011 Juniors University Summer Camp Leaflet
25-Jul-2011 10am Juniors Squash Camp
23-Jul-2011 10:00 General Adult Weekend Squash Camp
17-Jul-2011 10-1pm Coaches Free Coaches Workshop Flier
18-Jun-2011 Juniors Brighton Junior Open 2011 Entry Form
10-Jun-2011 Juniors Chichester Junior Open Entry form
07-May-2011 Ladies Ladies KO Event 2011 Report on Ladies KO Event
03-May-2011 Admin Committee Meeting May 2011 Minutes of Meeting
01-May-2011 Juniors Sussex win 2011 Inter-County Squash Festival
30-Apr-2011 County Teams Senior County Men's come Third Report
22-Apr-2011 Juniors Sussex Junior Selected for England!
11-Apr-2011 Juniors Easter Squash Camp 2011 Leaflet
21-Mar-2011 General Regional Bulletin March 2011 Flier
20-Mar-2011 Juniors U13 Boys - Girls Inter-CountyTrophy Finals Report
20-Mar-2011 County Teams U17 Inter County Finals Results
15-Mar-2011 Leagues Chichester on a Roll Match Report
15-Mar-2011 Admin Committee Meeting March 2011 Minutes
08-Mar-2011 Leagues Chichester Win Again Report
01-Mar-2011 Leagues Chichester National League Match Report
19-Feb-2011 County Teams County Team Racketball Result
15-Feb-2011 19.30 Leagues Chichester National League Result Report
30-Jan-2011 Juniors U13/U17 Girls Inter- County Stage 2 Report
30-Jan-2011 Juniors U13 Boys Inter-County 2011 Stage 2 Report
30-Jan-2011 Juniors U17 Boys get to the National Finals
27-Jan-2011 County Teams 0'60 National Champions Results Picture
23-Nov-2010 General Chichester National League Rd 3 Report
16-Nov-2010 General Chichester National League 2010 Press Release Photo
13-Nov-2010 County Teams Senior Ladies County Results Results
24-Oct-2010 Juniors U17 Boys Inter-County 2010 Stage 1 Report Results
24-Oct-2010 Juniors U13 Boys/U13 Girls Inter-County 2010 Report Results
24-Oct-2010 Juniors U17 Girls Inter-County 2010 Stage 1 Report
17-Oct-2010 County Teams 060 Stage 1 Results Results
10-Oct-2010 Juniors U15 Girls Inter-County 2010 Stage 1 Report
10-Oct-2010 Juniors U15 Boys Inter-County 2010 Stage 1 Full Report
25-Sep-2010 4.00pm Juniors Minutes Sussex Forum Sept 2010 Minutes
25-Sep-2010 Juniors Junior County Closed 2010 Results Results/Final Placings
25-Sep-2010 Juniors Junior Development Plan 2010/11 Plan
24-Sep-2010 General ESR Regional Bulletin Flier
23-Sep-2010 General Racket Stringing Offers Poster
21-Sep-2010 General G.S. Adult Squash Weekends Information
11-Sep-2010 Juniors Sussex Triumph at Regional Closed
07-Sep-2010 7.30 Admin Committee Meeting Sept 2010 Minutes
01-Sep-2010 Juniors County Squad Dates U11 U13+Girls List of Dates
22-Aug-2010 Juniors Junior AGM 2010 Minutes
11-Aug-2010 Juniors 2010-11 U15/17/19 County Squad Information Dates and Information for 2010 Registration form
01-Aug-2010 Admin ESR Regional Bulletin August Bulletin
15-Jul-2010 19.00 at Olympos Burgess Hill Admin AGM July 2010 Minutes
24-Jun-2010 7.30 Admin Annual League Meeting 2010 Olympos Burgess Hill
07-Jun-2010 County Teams All Inter County Results 2009/2010 Results
06-Jun-2010 Coaches Sussex Coaches Forum Minutes
04-Jun-2010 7.30pm Admin Committee Meeting June 2010 Minutes
17-May-2010 Juniors Sussex Boys Conquer France Sussex Boys Conquer France
27-Apr-2010 7.30 Admin Committee Meeting April 2010 Minutes
27-Mar-2010 Juniors U13 Boys National Finals Results
03-Mar-2010 Juniors Mike Harris School of Squash Information
31-Jan-2010 Juniors U17 Boys Inter-County Stage 2 Results
24-Jan-2010 County Teams U15 Girls Inter-County Stage 2 Report Results
24-Jan-2010 Juniors U15 Boys Inter-County Stage 2 Report Results
23-Jan-2010 County Teams 060's National Champions Results Picture
02-Dec-2009 7.30 Admin Committee Meeting Dec 09 Minutes
23-Nov-2009 Juniors Boys County Training Dates Dates and Information for 2010 Contact Ben Hutton
18-Oct-2009 County Teams O'60s County Results Results
11-Oct-2009 County Teams Girls County Match Report Report
11-Oct-2009 County Teams U13 Boys Inter-County Results Report
04-Oct-2009 County Closed Racketball County Championships Club Poster for 2009/10
26-Sep-2009 Juniors Junior County Closed 2009 Report Poster
22-Sep-2009 General Court Booking System Court Booking System
05-Sep-2009 Ladies Ladies Knockout Draw 09-10 Main Draw Plate Draw
27-Aug-2009 Juniors Girls County Squad Dates 2009 2009 Dates Sussex Girls' Squash Needs You!
22-Jul-2009 Mens Sussex Squash Development Plan Development Plan
08-Jun-2009 County Teams Final Standings Final Results for the County Teams
28-May-2009 19.45 Admin Fixture Meeting Finalise Men's and Ladies Leagues For 2009/10 Season Olympos Leisure Centre Burgess
09-May-2009 Admin Sussex Squash Ladies Update/News Please visit Ladies Section for all Information and Updates
08-May-2009 County Teams Senior County Men's Report Results
08-May-2009 County Teams Senior Women's County Team Results
11-Apr-2009 County Teams Racketball County Team 2009 Result Racketball National Finals Results
24-Mar-2009 7.30pm Admin Committee Meeting -March 2009 Minutes
01-Feb-2009 County Teams Mens 045 Results Stage 2 Results
23-Jan-2009 County Closed County Closed 2009 Report of Event
19-Dec-2008 County Teams Mens Over-60 Inter-County Results Stage 2 2008/09 Results Results
03-Dec-2008 7.30pm Admin Committee Meeting December 2008 Minutes
07-Oct-2008 England Squash Code of Conduct Code of Conduct
27-Sep-2008 Juniors Junior County Closed Event Draw Results
27-Sep-2008 Admin Racketball County Team Report Results
16-Sep-2008 7.30 Admin Committee Meeting September 2008 Agenda Minutes
10-Jun-2008 7.30 Admin Committee Meeting June 2008 Agenda Minutes
08-Apr-2008 19:30 Admin Committee Meeting - April 2008 Minutes
01-Mar-2008 County Teams Mens Over-55 Inter-County Finals Results Results
26-Feb-2008 7.30 Admin Committee Meeting February 2008 Minutes
31-Jan-2008 County Teams Mens O45's - Jan 2008 Results
09-Jan-2008 Knock Out Cups Ladies Cup Update Main Plate
11-Dec-2007 19.30 Admin Committee Meeting-December 2007 Minutes of Meeting
01-Dec-2007 Admin Newsletter November 2007 Newsletter
24-Nov-2007 County Teams Over 55's - Hants Surrey, Berkshire Results 1 Results 2
12-Sep-2007 Juniors Junior County Squads Coaching Contacts Contacts
11-Sep-2007 19.30 Admin Committee Meeting September 2007 Minutes County Development Plan
01-May-2007 19.30 Admin Committee Meeting May 2007 Agenda Minutes
25-Apr-2007 County Teams Final County Standinds Nationally Results
01-Mar-2007 County Teams Sussex Men are National County Champions Results
27-Feb-2007 19.30 Admin Committee Meeting February 2007 Agenda Minutes
19-Dec-2006 County Teams WOMENS 040 COUNTY WEEKEND NOVEMBER 2006 Results
12-Dec-2006 7.30pm Admin Committee Meeting December 2006 Agenda Minutes
12-Dec-2006 Juniors Junior Club Contacts in Sussex Contact List
18-Nov-2006 County Teams Mens Inter-County - November 2006 Results
19-Sep-2006 19.30 Admin Committee Meeting September 2006 Minutes
22-Jun-2006 England Squash ICC Dates Provisional
13-Jun-2006 7.30 Admin Committee Meeting June 2006 Agenda Minutes
13-Jun-2006 Juniors Junior Coordinator Job Description
17-May-2006 Leagues Affiliation Fees Affiliation Fees
12-Mar-2006 County Teams Mens Inter-County - Stage 2 Results
11-Mar-2006 County Teams Womens Inter-County Finals - March 11/12 Results
03-Feb-2006 Admin County Newsletter - February 2006 Newsletter
21-Dec-2005 England Squash England Squash Community Club Development Programme England Squash Community Club Development Programme
21-Dec-2005 Juniors Restructuring Sussex Junior Squash Restructuring Sussex Junior Squash
13-Dec-2005 19:30 Admin Committee Meeting - December 2005 Agenda Minutes
25-Nov-2005 County Teams County League Update - Nov 05 England Squash CLMS
19-Nov-2005 County Teams Mens Inter County 19/20 November 2005 Result
19-Nov-2005 County Teams Ladies Inter County 19/20 November 2005 Result
12-Nov-2005 County Teams Mens Over-35 Inter-County - November 12/13 2005 Result
07-Nov-2005 19:30 Admin Website - November 2005 Minutes
05-Nov-2005 11:30 England Squash Council Meeting - November 2005 Agenda
09-Jul-2005 England Squash Council Meeting - July 2005 National Relationship/Role
02-Jul-2005 10:00 Admin AGM - July 2005 Minutes
08-Jun-2005 Juniors Juniors - June 2005 Minutes
11-May-2005 Coaches Coaches - May 2005 Minutes
30-Nov--0001 Admin
30-Nov--0001 County Teams Girls U15 Results Report

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